Materials Frontier 2023 ISSUE 21 (Total ISSUE 59)
2023-10-11 10:30-2023-10-11 11:30 Room 308, Xu Zuyao Building 主讲人 :Prof. Satoshi Horike, Kyoto University, Japan

Metal-Organic Network-Forming Glasses and Liquids


Prof. Satoshi Horike, Kyoto University, Japan

10:30-11:30, October 11, 2023

Room 308, Xu Zuyao Building



Satoshi Horike is currently a full Professor at the Graduate School of Science, University of Kyoto, mainly based on synthetic coordination chemistry and solid-state chemistry, involving the design of solid-state ionic conductors and molecular skeleton glass materials (MOF, etc.), applied to solid-state electrolyte batteries and carbon dioxide capture technology. So far, he has published >160 papers in Chemical Reviews, Nature Reviews Materials, Nature materials, Nature chemistry, Accounts of Chemical Research, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Nano Letters, etc., with a total of 16800 citations and a h index of 63. He has won many research awards, including RSC Chemical Communication Young Investigators, the Young Scientists' Prize, the Chemical Society of Japan Award for Young Chemicals, Coordination Chemistry Society of Japan Award for young chemicals, etc.



Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are regarded as robust, extended crystalline structures constructed from metal ions and bridging ligands via coordination bonds. In the last decade, it has been recognized that some classes of MOFs show crystal melting and glass formation. These disordered phases have opened opportunities for non-crystalline properties and functions. Transparent film/fiber and composites are fabricated using glass/liquid states. Reversible crystal-to-liquid transformation enables switching functionality and creating hetero-interfaces of crystals. I will share the latest research about the glass and liquid chemistry of MOFs from both synthetic and analysis viewpoints.